BlackFriday Mediaworld offers: the promotions of November 22nd

The Black Friday 2020 of MediaWorld has already started, thanks to the new flyer, the company has removed the veil from one of the most anticipated promotional campaigns of the year, promising the end user unprecedented savings on many products included. For those wishing to make purchases in the store, you can take advantage of the same promotions available online. If, on the other hand, you want to rely on e-commerce, know that you will still have to pay the shipping costs for delivery directly to your home. The Zero Rate is present, but only when the total order value exceeds 199 euros.

All about BlackFriday

MediaWorld: many promotional products

Smartphones are a fundamental part of the MediaWorld flyer, in fact users will be able to rely on some of the best models in circulation, reaching them at prices never seen before. The top of the range is certainly the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, one of the most desired ever, finally available for a price that is not prohibitive for most of us, corresponding precisely to about 679 euros.

The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the member of the Galaxy family originally launched at almost 1400 euros, finally drops to more understandable figures, reaching 899 euros in the no-brand version. The purchases actually feasible are many, but we do not want to reveal anything else, we recommend viewing the pages of the MediaWorld flyer directly on the company website.

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