Bitcoin ‘new high’ rounds nearly 1.5 million baht

16 February 2021


Bitcoin prices hit a new all-time high, hitting $ 50,000 (nearly $ 1.5 million) on Tuesday (Feb. 16).

websiteCoin Market Cap (CoinMarketCap) Reported priceBitcoin The most popular cryptocurrency in the world 5.43% increase Touch new high level at $ 49,605 (about 1.48 million baht) At 11.22am on Tuesday Thailand time beforeIt has dropped to around $ 49,160.At 13.10 Thai time

While information from the websiteBinance Given that the Bitcoin price has hit recordRecord high Tap on $ 49,998 orApproximately 1.493 million baht On the same day

Bitcoin’s new record-breaking price comes just two days after Sunday (February 14), Bitcoin has just hit the $ 49,000 line for the first time.

Since entering 2021, Bitcoin prices have soared 70%. And in the past few months Famous investors like “Paul Tudor Jones” and “Stan Drucken Miller” Different announcements to support bitcoins Causing the price of popular crypto to continue to rise

Bitcoin prices also gained a significant boost this month. Behind the giant companies like “Tesla Inc.” Announced to invest $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin To enable customers to purchase the company’s products including Electric car With bitcoins instead of cash


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