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Birthday Wishes for Rising Female Superstar Becky Rebecca

I’ve reserved this queue! “Freen Sarocha” would like to be the first to wish the most heartfelt birthday wishes. “Becky” will always be by your side!

December 5th is another birthday of the rising female superstar. “Becky Rebecca.” On his birthday this year, he flew to take photos. URANUS 2324 In New York with Pro Max’s older sister like “Freen Sarocha” Of course, with such a top model, Mamy, Honey, and fans from the Inter branch did not miss out, bringing together a project to put on an LED screen for both. “Phi Freen” and “Nong Beck” too

Of course, when the time arrived at 12:01 a.m. Thailand time, we skipped to the 5th and suddenly “P’Freen” didn’t miss out and wanted to be the first to wish the younger person by posting a picture with the most touching caption, “Happy 21 birthday bb. Brother, I wish you happiness every day. Always have smiles and laughter as friends. Until the day I cry, I will hug you like always. healthy As you grow up, no matter what you encounter, please be kind and love me sincerely. I wish you success in every matter. I’ll be next to you. Always the same, love love.”

As for “Nong Baek”, he came in and answered: “Thank you, Brother Free, 21 in Thailand, 20 in NY. Haha. Thank you for everything. Let’s continue to grow together. I wish you only bright days, smiles and clear skies every day. I’ll always be your cute little sister. Always mine. I’m right next to you too.” Awww, so cute. Daily Star would like to wish “Nong Baek” a lot of happiness, a tight job, lots of money, and everything you want will come true. Mumu.

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