Birgit Van Mol is still suffering from …

It has now been five months since VTM news anchor Birgit Van Mol became infected with the corona virus and she can now be seen on television again, but she has still not fully recovered. She says that Hey everyone. “My tongue feels permanently burned.”

In Hey everyone Birgit Van Mol gives an interview about her husband René, who has a life-threatening autoimmune disease, but she also comes back to five months ago. Then she became infected with the corona virus. “It was a mild form,” she says. “But I was sick for a month and I still suffer from it.”

“My tongue feels permanently burned and I no longer taste my food as before,” says Van Mol, who has been a news anchor at VTM for 22 years. “At times I don’t smell anything either. In the beginning, the virologists said it could take two months, so I always assumed everything would be fine again. But now we are five months later and I am starting to doubt it. Anyway, I can live with it. Some people have permanent heart or lung problems. Or much worse, die from it. ”

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