Bill Gates’ Luxurious Seattle Mansion Worth $130 Million


Humans are as rich Bill Gates certainly don’t stay in House mediocre. The Microsoft founder, whose wealth according to Forbes is in the range of USD 115 billion, his main residence is by the lake in Seattle, Washington.

The super luxurious house worth USD 130 million was once occupied by Bill Gates and his ex-wife Melinda and their children. Dubbed as Xanadu 2.0, the house has a variety of high-tech that will make you shake your head.

Reported by Yahoo News, Saturday (10/6/2023) when guests enter the house, they will receive a special pin attached to the clothes. The Pins can store personal preferences, such as temperature, lighting and music. If the guest doesn’t wear it, the alarm will turn on as a security measure.

There are also special speakers placed behind the wallpaper in each room to ensure visitors can enjoy music in any corner of the house.

There are many screens in the house with high resolution to show eg artwork. The technology is not limited to humans, but also trees. There is a 40 year old palm tree there which is technologically supervised. For example, if the ground is observed to be dry, then water will flow automatically.

This house was built over 7 years and involved hundreds of workers, designed by a leading architect. Oddly enough, it is said that there are ‘only’ 7 bedrooms, but there are 24 bathrooms.

Bill Gates house. Photo: special

There are 6 large kitchens, a cinema with a capacity of 20 people, a sauna, a large gym room and of course a swimming pool. There is an underwater speaker system there so that people can swim while relaxing by listening to music. The garage can accommodate up to 23 cars.

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The library is very spacious and in it is one of Bill Gates’ most expensive collections, namely a book written by Leonardo Da Vinci entitled Codex Leicester. The ancient book costs more than USD 30 million.

Likely at this time, the house was only lived in Bill Gates after his divorce from Melinda. Melinda has already expressed her desire to live in a smaller house.

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