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‘Bijltjesdag’ at VRT: Journalist Annick Ruyts fired on her birthday, Phara de Aguirre sees colleagues crying in corridor | TV

TVIt was announced last week that the public broadcaster will lay off 67 employees. This measure is part of the transformation plan approved by the VRT board of directors. One and Canvas are the hardest hit, several trade unionists say. On Twitter, journalist Phara de Aguirre (61) describes the emotional impact of that decision.

Those who get fired received an invitation for an interview with HR earlier this week. “Bijltjesdag at VRT”, writes De Aguirre in this regard. “In one corridor, tears for colleagues who have received a summons to meet, in the other corridor, relief for colleagues who have not received one. Number 67 has faces. Many faces of nice colleagues.” Annick Ruyts, among others, announced on social media that she was fired. “Nice birthday present from VRT. After 33 years…”

Yesterday and today, the management of the VRT sent emails to those involved with an invitation to discuss their dismissal, confirm ACV’s Carlos Van Hoeymissen and ACOD’s Wies Descheemaeker. The talks will take place the next day, then Tuesday and Wednesday, they say. Both state that One and Canvas are the most affected proportionally.

“We are in the process of implementing the transformation plan,” confirms VRT spokesman Bob Vermeir. In that context, interviews are taking place with employees who are forced to leave. The spokesman points out that there is “a large package of support measures”, such as outplacement, guidance and, if necessary, psychological support. “But of course it remains a difficult message” for those involved.


ACOD member Descheemaeker talks about “one of the darkest days in the history of VRT. The public broadcaster is hit in the heart and soul by the dismissal of colleagues,” says the trade unionist. According to him, the unions are still considering whether further action will follow.

The public broadcaster must cut costs from the Flemish government. During the 2020-2025 management agreement, the issuer must structurally use 25.1 million euros less public funds. CEO Frederik Delaplace unveiled an early version of the transformation plan in April, approved by the board last week after adjustments. In addition to the forced redundancies, it also provides for the non-replacement of fifty natural exits and the outsourcing of the production of ‘Thuis’. The soap will be produced by production house Eyeworks from the beginning of next year.

LOOK. Explained in two minutes what exactly the transformation plan involves:

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