Biden Sends Letter to President Yoon … “Open Discussions on How to Reduce Inflation”

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The presidential office said President Yoon Seok-yeol yesterday received a letter from President Joe Biden (4) stating that he would continue to negotiate with South Korea to resolve IRA concerns over US law on reduction of inflation.

A senior official from the presidential office said today in a briefing: “The president, the head of the US administration, expressed a clear understanding of our concerns about the bills passed by the US Congress and the House of Representatives.” .

According to the official, President Biden said in a personal letter: “I am well aware of President Yoon’s concerns about the IRA.”

“I am also confident that the Republic of Korea will play a key role in strengthening our alliance and achieving our common goals,” Biden said.

Regarding the nature of the personal letter, which President Biden personally signed, the official said: “The two leaders met several times in New York and London last month to discuss the IRA.”

“President Biden reiterated his understanding of our concerns and clearly mentioned the positive role of Korean companies,” he said. “I think it’s important to show confidence in the company,” he said.

During President Yoon’s visit, he said: “President Biden is not trying to emphasize his willingness to cooperate with President Yoon in a letter at a time when questions have arisen about the type of cooperative relationship between the Korean government. and the United States? will keep? ” He has drawn a line in the controversy of the so-called “diplomatic disaster”, such as the controversial profanity and the 48-second meeting.

Asked by reporters if there was any discussion of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles in the letter, the reporters said: “The” common goal of both countries “stated here reflects the close cooperative relationship between the two countries. to maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, “he replied.

The official also added: “I’m not going to say much about the letter as the close working relationship is maintained.”

On the other hand, when asked whether the two leaders intended to hold a phone call regarding the subsequent missile launches from North Korea, an official from the presidential office replied: “There is close communication between the two countries at the level of the National Security Council. ”

In a phone call last night between US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the White House said that “the two leaders have strongly condemned North Korea’s missile tests.”

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