AAI continues to sell IPO shares, Asian shareholders have the right to subscribe 6,373 for 1 new share, scheduled for trading in SET this year

Mr. Ekkarat Pansang, CEO of Asian Alliance International Public Company Limited or AAI, a manufacturer and distributor of pet food. and ready-to-eat food products, revealed that the company is preparing an initial public offering (IPO) to strengthen its capital and support future growth of the pet food industry. After Asian Corporation Public Company Limited or ASIAN, which is the parent company Approved the plan to take stock of Asian Alliance International Plc. Listed on the Thailand Stock Exchange (Spin-off) By offering and assigning shares of AAI in this IPO, the shareholders of ASIAN (parent company) who have the right to subscribe in proportion to their participation (Offer of option rights) The number of new issued common shares to be offered to current ASIAN shareholders does not exceed 127,500,000 shares or does not exceed 20% of the number of AAI common shares offered to the public for the first time.

The shareholders of ASIAN who are entitled to the allotment of the newly issued AAI ordinary shares will be the persons whose names appear in the book of the share register on the record date of last September 19th. with a delivery address for documents only in Thailand The aforementioned shareholders have the right to subscribe newly issued ordinary shares of AAI in proportion to their shareholding in the Company (Option Right) in the ratio of no. 6,373 ASIA ordinary shares to n. 1 newly issued ordinary share of AAI, communicating the offer price. subscription period and other details relating to the next

Currently AAI has a share capital of 2,125 million baht, divided into 2,125 million ordinary shares with a par value (par) of 1 baht per share, with a total share capital of 1,700 million baht, divided into 1,700 million ordinary shares. ordinary shares for the first time (IPO) not exceeding 637.5 million shares, divided into 1. ordinary shares put up for sale by the Company for an amount not exceeding 425 million shares and 2. existing ordinary shares offered by shareholders. The first (Asian Corporation Plc .: ASIAN) for an amount not exceeding 212.5 million shares, for a total not exceeding 30 percent of the total number of ordinary shares issued and paid up after this IPO Raise investment funds to expand the production of wet food for pets. Create a second automated warehouse, pay off the loan. and as working capital in the future with plans to go public on the Thailand stock exchange later this year

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