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Biden reveals if “Trump” doesn’t run for election He may not run for president either.

President Joe Biden has revealed that he may not run for the US presidential election if Donald Trump does not run.

US presidential election That will happen in 2024 is being watched by the whole world. Especially many parties that are hoping that Former Republican President Donald Trump Will it come back to prosper again or not?

In the past, the main competitor from the Democratic Party, President Joe Biden, has expressed that will enter the election field as well But as recently as yesterday (Dec. 5), Biden revealed that He may not run for president if Donald Trump doesn’t run.

The United States is broke! Ukraine’s aid remains until the end of 2023.

The United States plans to quadruple the production of military equipment.

Russia will not end the war. Until the results of the 2024 US presidential election are known.

Biden said at a 2024 campaign fundraiser outside Boston that “If Trump doesn’t run, I’m not sure whether to run or not … We can’t let him win.”

The announcement came towards the end of his speech. As Biden talks about the risks former President Trump poses to democracy Amid fears that Trump’s second term in office will be more “dictatorial” than his first.

Earlier in 2019, Biden decided to run against Trump for president because of Trump’s remarks after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. Virginia

“During that time I know the threat facing this country is unlike anything I have ever seen in my life,” Biden said in announcing his election in 2019.

Biden turned 81 earlier this month. While Trump is 77 years old, polls show that Voters in the United States There are now concerns that the pair are too old to run for president.

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