Bicycle Tax Will Be Withheld, Kemenhub Opens Discourse on Cyclist Must Pay Taxes, Following Reasons

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – The government through the Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation is opening the discourse on imposition bicycle tax.

Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Setiyadi revealed that in a virtual discussion last weekend in Jakarta.

Budi Setiyadi said that the discourse was imposed bicycle tax This is in line with the revision of Law 22/2009 on Road Traffic and Transport.

This has also been discussed with the National Police Traffic Police

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“When I was a child, I experienced a bicycle being told to pay tax etc. Maybe you can go there. But this is in line with the revision of Law 22/2009, there have been discussions with Korlantas Polri, “said Budi Setiyadi in a virtual discussion in Jakarta, Friday (6/26/2020).

He also assessed that the use of bicycles needs to be regulated since bicycling activities are increasingly widespread due to the co-19 pandemic.

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