Beware of the new fix!


Plus: rare Chinese protests, currency losses not easily recoverable, here comes India, thriving miners, problems in the cryptocurrency market and more.

Prudence remains the motto
Few optimistic reflections the perspective of Van Lanschot Kempen for 2023. A recession in Europe and the US is inevitable, while interest rates may rise further. This is bad for stocks and slightly less bad for bonds. Downgraded valuations provide some tailwind.

Amundi AM: Defensively inside, offensively outside
France’s Amundi AM judges stocks and bonds cheap, but, like Van Lanschot Kempen, still urges great caution. The fix isn’t over yet.

ING is positive!

Chinese stocks go their own way (down)
Protests against the Covid policy strike are now intensifying.

Inflation is also an investor’s friend
Joshua Brown van The Reformed Broker: “So yes, inflation is a reason to be wary of short-term stock market volatility. But it’s definitely no reason not to invest, as long as there’s a long road ahead and your time frame is measured in decades rather than weeks or months. In fact, inflation is all the more reason to keep taking the right risks, cutting out the everyday bullshit as much as possible.” Nice story.

Exchange losses are not easily compensated
To compensate for a 50% loss, a 100% increase is required.

Here comes India
Martine Hafkamp is enthusiastic about investment opportunities in India: “The arrival of this new economic superpower should not be underestimated and, like the arrival of China at the time, can give a huge boost to the world economy.” About 1.4 billion people now live in India. India’s investment promise is not new, incidentally.

Sustainably investing means investing in miners

Is the cryptocurrency market crashing?
Kennet Rogoff: “With a storyline full of celebrities, politicians, sex and drugs, the future looks bright for producers of feature films and documentaries about the incredible collapse of FTX. But, to paraphrase Mark Twain, rumors of the death of cryptocurrencies themselves have been greatly exaggerated .” Interesting story for the Syndicate Project. Register first.

The Investment Wisdom of Peter Lynch

Was this the outperformance of US equities?
“The US stock market has rewarded investors handsomely in recent years, in absolute and relative terms. We have gotten used to a (relatively) smooth ride for some time, but this year has reminded us that waters can always turn moves. If you haven’t already, now might be the time to consider course correction and row, row, row your boat gently overseas.” Extensive and strong historical analysis.

Notable: Oil prices down sharply, energy stock prices remain high

Active versus passive
The returns of IEX Fonds 40 (actively managed investment funds) and IEX Index 20+ (ETF).

Sustainable investing in times of stock market turbulence
The energy crisis, rising inflation and fears of a deep recession have hit sustainable investors harder this year than investors less interested in strong ESG scores. However, this is no reason to doubt the sustainable investment thesis. On the contrary, apparently the latest ESG E-magazine of the IEX Prof.

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