Beware of Infectious Diseases Due to Anal Sex, Very Dangerous

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YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Some people want to try new things or variations in sexual relations with their partners. Anal sex is one option that might be thought of.

When choosing anal sex as a variation of sexual intercourse, there are a number of things to consider. Starting from the comfort factor of a partner to health risks.

Reported from Prevention, the practice of anal sex is different from vaginal sex. When having sex through the vagina, generally women will secrete a natural lubricant when he is aroused.

Natural lubricants that can prevent abrasions or wounds caused by skin friction.

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Meanwhile, in the practice of anal sex, the anus and rectum (the end of the large intestine before the anus) do not produce natural lubricants, so they have the potential to cause injury when performed.

If anal sex is done without proper preparation, for example without artificial lubricants, the partner may feel pain during penetration.

In addition to the risk of injury due to friction, anal sex is also at risk of causing several other diseases, especially if done carelessly.

Here are a number of health risks that can arise from unsafe anal sex:

1. Sexually transmitted diseases



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