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Beware of health insurance SMS scams via your AMELI account

Beware of health insurance scams. Fraudulent messages have been circulating a lot lately asking policyholders to update their data to continue to receive reimbursements, these are traps intended to fraudulently use your personal information.

Between two phone calls for your professional training account, you may have received an SMS or an email from health insurance asking you to update your data. In either case, do not gives suite, these are scams.

Fraudulent SMS and emails are multiplying to such an extent that the gendarmes are alerting on social networks.

The sickness insurance also put on his site some basic recommendations to avoid having your personal data stolen.

First important reminder, health insurance messages are sent by 3646. On an ad hoc basis and given the Covid epidemic, you can be called by 09 74 75 76 78, for contact tracing or by 01 87 52 00 70, for vaccination.

Regardless of the method of contact, health insurance never ask medical information, nor your social security number or your bank account or even your password.

Here are some examples of phishing attempts.

When the health insurance contacts you by message, it comes from the ameli.fr site. Any other form of address should alert you, disregard the message.

Here are some examples of fraudulent messages that should not be answered or acted upon.

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