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Best famous Christmas trees


  • December is here and with it the Christmas trees.
  • Celebrities show off their little trees on social media.
  • Andrea Legarreta competes with Kylie Jenner with the biggest tree on this list.

Famous Christmas trees Kylie Jenner, Maribel Guardia: December arrived and we automatically began to sing Christmas carols and put on that sweater with a print of Santa Claus, reindeer or some character related to this holiday.

Where the Christmas trees become the main decoration of our homes throughout the month of December and January, where even some people leave them until mid-February.

But have you ever seen the Christmas trees of some celebrities? Decorations that even become quite large, occupying a large part of their homes.

Such is the case of the businesswoman, socialite and model, Kylie Jenner, who she, on considerable occasions, has argued that she does not skimp on expenses if it is her favorite decoration of the year, where it has even been seen that the socialite has more of one at home.

PHOTO: Instagram. Kylie Jenner.

It was on social networks where the little girl of the Kardashian clan boasted to her more than 200 million followers her great Christmas tree, which was almost two floors high in her house.

Despite the fact that Kylie’s Christmas tree can be seen from afar in her first photo that only has little lights, Kim Kardashian’s sister gave a detailed plan of the decorations, which gave that special touch to her tree.

PHOTO: Instagram. Kylie Jenner.

The photograph, which already has more than 5 million likes, brings as a caption the following message, where Kylie argued: “The favorite time of the year.” This huge Christmas tree brought Jenner endless comments, highlighting how big and beautiful it looked. You can see Kylie Jenner’s Christmas tree here

However, Kylie Jenner did have a bit of competition on this list of some famous Christmas trees. Since it was Andrea Legarreta herself who followed in Jenner’s footsteps and shared a photograph where she was seen with her family sitting at the foot of the tree.

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