Home Entertainment Benjamin Samat (LMAC) separated from Alix, he made a big point (VIDEO)

Benjamin Samat (LMAC) separated from Alix, he made a big point (VIDEO)

Since he left Alix on the set of the Marseillais in the Caribbean, Benjamin samat never spoke to talk about it! On the other hand, he unfollowed the young woman on Instagram and he also deleted all of their photos. Clues that suggest that there has been a break between them … And on social networks, this separation makes a lot of talk. A little too much for Benjamin Samat who accuses some Instagram accounts of peddling bad information … So after making fun of Kevin Guedj, Benjamin Samat decided to make a big point on this subject!

Benjamin samat
Benjamin samat

“Friends, I see articles on social networks. Accounts that say that I spoke about the fact that Alix and I are no longer together on social networks and that you see us more together. C “is wrong! I did not talk about this situation at all, so stop making false advertisements on your accounts. I just wanted to rectify that, because at no time did I talk about Alix and of the situation we find ourselves in today “, he explained on the social network with the yellow logo. At least, it’s clear ! By the way, know that Kevin Guedj made fun of Nacca and his celibacy.



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