Belgian premiere: a fogger that kills the Covid-19 in 5 minutes

The company Disinfect presented a new concept allowing to disinfect a space of 1000 m2 in hour.

At first glance, the concept launched by the company Disinfect seems to constitute the ideal solution to eradicate all confined spaces of the slightest trace of Covid-19. Capable of disinfecting 1,000 m2 per hour, this mobile fogger uses hydrogen hypochlorite, which it diffuses through two pipes directed towards the ceiling. The two product streams are then dispersed by a fan.

Presented in Belgian premiere yesterday in a sign of the Anspach gallery, in the center of the capital, this 100% natural solution can even be distributed in the presence of customers or in the presence of employees if the misting takes place in offices. It is not harmful to humans, animals or food products. It is already used in the Netherlands, in particular on covered markets.

“The product is very easy to manufacture”, explains Disinfect CEO Dieter Veulemans: “Water, salt, hydrogen hypochlorite (HOCL) and electrolysis. In addition, it is very cheap: three euros per liter in the cost of water. The Chinese used this product and this mechanism during the SARS epidemic ”.

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