MLS. Jürgen Damm boasts luxurious Lamborghini in the US VIDEO

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Jürgen Damm it is just coupling to life in U.S and he already boasts some of his luxuries, since on his social networks he shared the new car he acquired, which is a blue Lamborghini, which looks spectacular.

The former player of the Tigers used the social network of TikTok to publish a music video while looking at the luxurious car, which will look on American soil, as it should be remembered that recently signed with Atlanta United.

The video immediately had a great impact on the social network, since had more than 39 thousand reproductions, In addition to many fans congratulated him on the acquisition.

Dust already in the city of Atlanta, where joined the team to begin their preparation by the time the season resumes MLS, after it was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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