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Belgian Hiker Resuscitated After Hornet Attack: European Hornets Swarm During Walking Tour


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In Lier, Belgium, a hiker has been resuscitated after an attack by hornets, a kind of wasps. The resuscitated man was taken by the emergency services to the hospital in Antwerp, where he was admitted to intensive care.

The attack by the swarm of hornets happened during an organized walking tour. Five other hikers who were stung have been taken to the local hospital. They also had an allergic reaction to the sting, but less severe. Others could be treated at out-of-hours GPs.

“Those hornets really came out of nowhere” say a walker against the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. “I have no idea what triggered them, but suddenly they attacked in large numbers. I got one stab in my finger and several stabs in the head. By the way, it was noticeable that the people who were near me were all also stabbed in the head. pricked.”

“I’ve had a wasp sting once in the past, but that can’t be compared to a hornet sting,” continues the hiker. “This is much more painful. Even taking a few painkillers hardly helps. But in a way I was lucky, because a major allergic reaction did not materialize.”

At first it was thought that the walkers had been attacked by Asian hornets, but in the end it turned out to be European. The Asian hornet is regarded in the Netherlands as an undesirable invasive exotic species. For this reason, certain prohibitions and obligations apply to this species. This includes, for example, rapid detection and combat.

Toxic powder

The police closed off the hiking trail where the group of hikers was attacked as quickly as possible to prevent new incidents, the Belgian newspaper reports.

The nest of the hornets, which turned out to be in a tree cavity, was exterminated by the fire brigade with a toxic powder. It can take up to 48 hours before all the hornets in the nest are dead. In the meantime, the path that runs past the nest remains closed.

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