Belén Rodríguez, the photo with the little Luna Marì excites the followers

New family shot for Bethlehem Rodriguez: on his Instagram profile a few days ago a new very intimate photo appeared, taken by Ignazio Sguera, which portrays the showgirl holding the very small Luna Marì, born on the night of July 11th.

Belén’s gaze tells all the emotions of a mother who holds her baby in her arms, highlighting her indissoluble bond. It is not the first time that the showgirl shares shots of her private and her Moon: already during pregnancy, Belén had presented the birth by sharing an exciting ultrasound in the Instagram feed.

The last post, however, has really enchanted all the followers of the beautiful presenter of “You are worth it”, conquering 450 thousand hearts and a flood of comments, as always divided between admirers and detractors.

Even the father of little Luna Marì, Antonino Spinalbese, wanted to share with his followers and with the couple’s fans a photo of his daughter wrapped in a pink sheet while sleeping in a cot, accompanying her with three ellipsis in the caption, meaning that every time she looks at her daughter she remains speechless .

Photo: LaPresse

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