Before Vaccines Are Found, Covid-19 Protocol Discipline Is The Most Important Solution, JAKARTA– Researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Biotechnology Research Center Dr.rer.nad Wien Kusharyoto said adhering to health protocols is the best solution to prevent COVID-19 infection until a vaccine for the disease can actually be used.

“So to prevent (COVID-19) at this time, the best thing is the health protocol,” he said by telephone with ANTARA, Jakarta, Monday (7/9/2020).

By health protocols, he means wearing masks, washing hands with soap, maintaining distance and avoiding crowds.

Until the COVID-19 vaccine can actually be circulated and utilized by the public, this health protocol remains the most important solution to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

“But to say if the vaccine can really prevent transmission, it also still needs to be proven and monitored further,” he underlined.

Meanwhile, related to the many residents who do not believe in the importance of vaccination to prevent COVID-19, Wien said the government needs to continue to convince the public that the vaccine chosen is truly safe and effective in preventing COVID-19.

“We can not force whether someone believes in vaccines or not. But what is clear, the task of the government in this case is to ensure that the vaccine is effective, then also safe for everyone and also for all ages,” he said.

“When these two things are fulfilled, it is hoped that the community will then want to be vaccinated, because this is also related to the problem of restoring the national economic condition and the economic condition of the community as well,” said Wien Kusharyoto. *

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Source: Antara


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