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Beautygloss Mascha takes vlog break


It has been beautiful for Mascha for a while and that is why ‘there is no vlog anymore’, she says on Instagram. But she assures her fans that it will come back when they ‘are ready’. Her break has everything to do with the birth of her daughter. “We are in the middle of maternity week and for those who have not seen the Stories, our daughter was born through a shoulder dystocia and it has been quite traumatic.”

Mascha indicates that the week since birth has been a ‘combination of extremely pink’, because they are ‘so in love’, ‘but also cry a lot, talk, adjust’. The vlogger cannot ‘hug or feed her daughter Mila in the usual way with the broken arm’, which is difficult for her. “I also have to recover from being torn on all sides and I get flashbacks from the delivery.”

“It’s a bit much,” says Mascha. The many sweet messages she receives are a great support. “We are well taken care of privately by friends and family, from the hospital and we can get through together,” she says. They have ‘blogged everything – for ourselves and our own process, for Mila later and perhaps for others who experience the same thing and benefit from it. But we can’t and don’t want to edit that just yet. ‘ So we have to wait until it appears on YouTube.

When Mascha was just pregnant and announced it to her followers, she told RTL Boulevard about it. You can see it in the video below.



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