Beautiful, One life, The secret: advances June 29, 2020

Anticipations and plots of Beautiful, One Life and Today’s Secret, June 29, 2020: Thomas gets important information from Flo. Alday realizes that he and Genoveva are cornered. Asks a loan from the neighbors … The matron Montenegro conspires against her daughter-in-law Angustias, brings Pepa (who will pay the price) to her side and tries to ruin Raimundo.

Beautiful: advances June 29, 2020


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Brooke is very worried for the decision made by Hope, also because she understands that she was dictated by depression for losing Beth. To aggravate the obvious daughter’s depression Thomas was put into it, which Logan doesn’t trust, despite being Thomas the son of her husband Ridge. But Brooke as a good mother consoles her desperate daughter after signing the divorce papers from Liam.

Meantime Thomas acquires important “information” on the Beth issue so we can use it for her plan. Upset by Flo’s revelation, that told him the truth on Beth, Thomas makes her understand that he will fix things.

Lifetime: advances June 29, 2020

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Ramon Palacios explains to Felipe that his ten-year long silence and his innocence in prison had been determined by the desire not to ruin his and his wife’s reputation. Ramon he must therefore speak of the obsession of Celia for the little one miracles, who had attempted to kidnap. The lawyer recalls that Celiaafter the second abortion, he had shown very strange and obsessive behaviors …

Ursula I wanted to help Lucia at any cost. There Alvarado he gave up going away with Telmo e Mateo, but so is increasingly being targeted by Eduardo, her husband, who is very violent. Mendez continues to investigate the past of Genoveva, which for this reason proposes to her husband to flee from Acacias. Also Cristobal it could arrive in Acacias at any moment. Bellita sees no other solution: will return to perform in theaters …

Appointment at 2.10 pm on Canale 5.

The Secret (reply): advances June 29, 2020

woman francisca tristan the secret

After a fire, Heartbreak he is out of his mind. Tristan, Your husband and mother-in-law, Francisca, they are very worried. There Montenegro does not trust her and asks Paper to follow it step by step. in the meantime Tristan tries to get close to Paper, who however does not want to indulge his feelings. Raimundo discovers that Francisca wants to dry the soil of the fields ofUlloa.

The latter organizes a meeting to talk about his rights. But Francisca…

Francisca Raimundo the secret

After spending the night with her, Tristan realizes he loves Paper. The Mr. Antunez is determined to buy the tavern. Paper secretly listen to the words of love of Tristan to his wife Heartbreak and change his attitude again.

Now his only goal is to get his son back Martin.

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Francisca does not give up; wants to hospitalize, Tristan is n disagreement with the mother; then speak with Paper, who seems to think of it as Francisca, also because it is manipulated by her. But with the help of Pepa, Tristan manages to saving Canyon on the edge from certain death. The man finds the letter that caused the crisis Heartbreak and blames the mother, who makes him believe it was Pepa’s fault. The midwife is thrown out of the house …

Appointment at 15.45 on Canale 5. At the moment, the Iberian soap opera is not aired on Saturday 4 July.

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