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Bayarind Offers Securely Integrated Payment Gateway

In line with the rapid development of digital technology and the application of online payment systems, the term Payment Gateway is often referred to in the world of the digital economy.

Payment Gateway is a system that authorizes the direct payment process for sellers in conducting electronic transaction activities. Usually, this system is used in e-commerce by trusted online stores.

Payment Gateway can be regarded as an online business intermediary with banks or non-bank institutions in providing online payments for consumers.

In short, this system will forward payment information made by consumers to the relevant financial institutions and receive feedback which will later become the basis for online stores in giving consumers permission to continue transactions.

Although the authorization process carried out is quite complex, the time required is relatively short with fairly simple steps.

This is due to the Payment Gateway system which is integrated online and indeed facilitates the transaction process. With these safe, easy and fast advantages, online business is also expected to increase.

Seeing the enormous benefits of Payment Gateway for the community, one of Indonesia’s digital payment ecosystems, namely Bayarind, presents Payment Gateway as one of the services offered.

Through this service, people and businesses in Indonesia are expected to be facilitated in an easy and healthy way, especially in digital transactions.

“The Payment Gateway service from Bayarind has been around since 2010, registered with Bank Indonesia and has the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certification, which is a mandatory standard for customer data security in various buying and selling activities,” said Setyo Harsoyo, CEO PT Sprint Asia Technology which oversees Bayarind.

The Payment Gateway service from Bayarind has a number of features that are ready to help focus on business growth for its users. First, Single Integration, which allows payments to be optimally integrated with selected online payment channels, such as Credit Card, Debit Card, e-money, and others.

Next is One Pay, which is a service designed with payment channel integration options that can be built as desired.

Next up is Easy Invoice, which makes it easy for customers to make payments via a payment link sent via email, SMS or Whatsapp.

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