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Bavaria Ranks as Smartest Federal State in New Educational Ranking

Mirror, mirror on the wall, where do the smartest people in the whole country live? And where do you have the best chances of getting a good education? In Bavaria!

At least this is the result of a new educational ranking from the online tutoring portal “ TutorSpace“. The makers compared all 16 federal states using ten categories. The criteria included performance at school, the average Abitur grade or the number of doctorates. In the end it was about three core areas:

– Educational quality and accessibility (to education)

– Higher education and research

– Government investments

Patrick Nadler is the founder of “TutorSpace” and chairman of the Federal Association for tutoring and afternoon schools

Foto: Tutorspace

Based on these categories, each federal state was then given a score between 0 and 100. And the winner is…

The five smartest federal states

Bayern takes the crown in the new ranking. The Free State scores particularly well in the “educational quality and accessibility” category. The reason: Bavaria’s students performed best in mathematics in the “IBQ” comparison exams – similar to the PISA study – in 2018 and 2022 and also secured a place in the top 4 in reading and spelling. In addition: almost 26 Percent of Bavarians have completed the Abitur or Fachabitur and achieved an average grade of 2.2 – a top value.

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Saxony comes in second place. “The public sector here spends the second most on education,” explains Patrick Nadler from “TutorSpace”. In the “education quality and accessibility” category, Saxony comes in first place, ahead of Bavaria. This is also reflected in the average Abitur grade of 2.11 – the second best in the national comparison.

Baden-Württemberg is just behind Saxony and ranks in the top 4 in all categories. “Baden-Württemberg is the clear leader when it comes to patent applications: 13,444 patents were registered here in 2022. That’s over a third of all patent applications in Germany.”

Hamburg is the fourth-placed federal state and wins primarily in the “Higher Education and Research” category. Hamburg has the second most students and the second most doctorates in Germany. Hamburg is also in second place when it comes to (technical) university graduates.

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Berlin takes fifth place in the overall list, but only finishes in the middle in the “education quality and accessibility” category. Nevertheless, Berlin has the highest proportion of people with university or technical college degrees and the third most students in all of Germany. A look at the doctorate rate shows that a particularly large number of students in Berlin are doing a doctorate.

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