Bathers on the beaches of Zeeland lie beside the useless birds, oblivious to the risks

Transmission to Zeeland

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Transmission to Zeeland

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Bathers seem to treatment minimal about cleaning up useless birds on Zeeland beach locations.

According to the Walcheren Animal Welfare Foundation, folks spread their towel subsequent to a dying animal or enable their pet stroll all around with a dead chook. “They are unaware that fowl flu can be contagious to individuals and animals,” says Jolanda Lichtenberg of the foundation a Transmission to Zeeland.

Two days back avian flu was diagnosed on a poultry farm in Zeeland. But wild birds are also being strike hard. in June a big tern colony in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen was located to be unwell. Begins this thirty day period quickly hundreds of lifeless birds, such as many seagulls, ran aground on the shorelines of Borssele, Vlissingen and Veere on Walcheren.

According to Lichtenberg, close to 100 lifeless or ill birds are however staying taken off from the beach locations each working day. The staff of the basis do so in protecting white overalls so as not to get ill.

Dead animal carcass

“But it does not scare persons,” he notes. “From time to time we see people sitting future to a dying hen.” Lichtenberg also points out that canine can walk around with the carcass of a lifeless animal in their mouth without the need of the entrepreneurs intervening.

For various weeks, warning posters have been hanging at the entrances to the beach locations in the municipalities of Borssele, Vlissingen and Veere. He states to keep the canine on a leash and not to contact the birds. The poster has also been translated into German.

Zeeland Security Area

The warning posters on Walcheren

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