Baskets receive a basketball lesson against Hamburg

Four minutes and 56 seconds before the end, Florian Koch sneaked from the parquet to the chairs of the so-called bankers with his head hanging and shoulders almost sagging. Koch, almost two meters tall and now even more packed with muscles than last season, could be a model for a sculptor who wants to chisel Roman statues. It was a very sad picture that the 28-year-old model athlete cast on Death Sunday.

And not just at that moment when his team was 27 points behind (53:80). On Koch, one of the very few players left over from the past two seasons, the Baskets built big pieces for this season, in which a newly formed team has to find itself. The winger should become a top performer of the team, take on more responsibility and guarantee success with his points (often from a distance). After three cup and three season games and after the 61:90 clap (31:46) from Bundesliga basketball team s.Oliver Würzburg on Sunday afternoon against the Hamburg Towers, in which Koch did not score a single point, one can say: Florian Koch is watching These expectations and demands, which he also has of himself, are currently following with the telescope.

Missed the game? You can read the live ticker here

Of course, it wasn’t just because of him that the Baskets got so badly against the Northern Lights. “This season we will always meet teams that are better than us,” said coach Denis Wucherer. “As of today, we’re not mentally ready to keep up at this level. At times we couldn’t keep up physically either, and that worries us a little, because we’re preparing meticulously for every opponent.”

Basically, the game (like almost all other games with the exception of the first win of the season in Vechta) was decided pretty quickly again. After a strong first section of the baskets, which was quite even and varied, the Hamburgers robbed the afternoon of all tension in less than four minutes and with a quarter-spanning 19-2 run, because they pulled away on 16 points (31: 15). The Baskets then came closer to ten points (24:34, 17th minute) – but the difference didn’t get any smaller. Quite the opposite: in the second half the guests continuously increased their lead – and completed their lesson in homogeneous team basketball quite impressively. Although they were also very happy to accept the presents that the home side served them on the tray: In the end, the baskets had 22 ball losses on the score sheet – an amount that, as far as humanly possible, probably no basketball team on this planet will ever play a game be able to win.

“The coaches gave us a clear match schedule and we players didn’t stick to it. That is clearly our fault.”

Felix Hoffmann, Baskets captain

“Over 20 turnovers… That is madness and of course it shouldn’t happen to us”, also knew captain Felix Hoffmann, who especially quarreled with the attitude of some colleagues: “I don’t think we fought properly for over 40 minutes. With us not all players were ready to stand up to such a tough team for the entire season, “said the 31-year-old. “There were also careless mistakes and a lack of concentration.” Well, and with this negligent mix, you get a hat with almost 30 points difference at home. The captain found clear words: “The coaches gave us a clear match plan and we players didn’t stick to it. That is clearly our fault.”

The Würzburg encounter against Hamburg could also serve as an indication that the gap in the Bundesliga may have widened a bit after the long Corona break, because the budgets were re-rolled and the plans were also with no or only a few spectators had to be set up. Usurer expects that in this round there will be “significantly more high results, ie games with a high difference” and “far fewer surprises”, also because the outsiders lack the raging crowd in the halls that the players like to play drives out the true capabilities.

Which is why Marvin Willoughby “thought it was a shame that no people could be there”. The manager of the Towers, at the turn of the millennium one of the “young and wild ones” among Würzburg’s basketball players, was able to say hello to an old friend at least before the game, and was very happy that his team had played the game with “so much energy” – and is convinced that “the young Würzburg team will get stronger this season”. His advice: “Stay positive and keep working hard.”

Of course, his old national team speci Wucherer also knows that this is necessary. The Baskets now have – since the game scheduled for December 3rd in Bamberg has been postponed due to the national team trip to France (the regulations require the national players to be isolated for several days after their return) – so again two weeks until the next game. On St. Nicholas Day (8.30 p.m.) the Braunschweiger Löwen come to the Main. If usurer said on Sunday evening, “Of course that’s great, especially for the head”, then of course you know that he meant exactly the opposite. The baskets have to be tested for Corona twice a week, and they have agreed a test match against Bayreuth for next Saturday. The Baskets coach won at least a few positive things from the highest competitive defeat in his tenure: “The first quarter and the fact that our jerseys survived today’s material test well. That speaks for the quality of our supplier.”

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