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Basketball / Elite. Nenad Markovic (JDA Dijon): “A horrible match”

Nenad Markovic (JDA Dijon coach): “Congratulations to Fos-sur-Mer, they played an excellent match. I really have no explanation, it’s probably the worst game we’ve played this year, by far. I’m really ashamed of the way we played. I do not know what to say. […] On the one hand they are last and they play very aggressively and on the other there is a team which is fourth and which plays… Without the right attitudes in defense or attack, without rhythm, nothing at all. We just slept the whole game. We will have to analyze our last matches but in my opinion, we made the same mistakes over and over again. Too many players weren’t concentrated, and basketball is a team sport. It was a horrible game from start to finish. »

Rémi Giuitta (Fos-sur-Mer coach): “I told the players before the match that we had to be able, despite the fatigue and the lack of squad, to put in 40 minutes of intensity to hope for something. I am very proud of our match, of the result but also of the way. Even if Holston ends up with pretty good stats (17 points, 7 assists), we knew how to limit him in creation, and defended very well on the picks. It’s by far the most successful match we’ve had this year. And when you find the address, it helps. Beyond the figures (131 collective evaluation, 8/17 at three points), we must not forget who the opponent was this (Tuesday) evening. We hope to capitalize on this match for the future. »

Charles Galliou: “I hope it will serve as a lesson to us”

Charles Galliou (JDA Dijon winger): “Compared to the opposition that we could expect, everything has been completely reversed. In all areas, the aggressiveness in relation to the number of players available on their side (seven pros)… When the individualities are not present, the collective cannot follow. We weren’t aggressive enough towards the basket and shot a lot from three points, which may explain the difference in fouls in the first half. They completely thwarted our plans, this (Tuesday) evening we could see all our defensive errors which cost us a lot of points. I hope it will serve as a lesson to us because we face a direct opponent on Saturday (Pau / Orthez), it is up to us to react well »

Lasan Kromah (Fos-sur-Mer winger): “We showed a different face, being very aggressive, putting energy and also with a good execution in attack. When you see what we were able to do today (Tuesday), we have to be able to repeat it every game. »

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