Basanta’s mistake that went viral on Twitter

Editorial Half Time

Mexico City / 06.02.2020 07:33:42

Rayados let out the victory against Necaxa with a goal from his rival in minute 93, and after this action, in social networks it became a trend José María Basanta, since the fans blame him for that target that It cost the 2-2 draw.

Before the target, Basanta rejected badly, the ball went out to a player of the other team, who recovered the ball, opened to the right from where a center came out, in which Chema failed to jump as he should and before the loose ball, another of the sharks executed to match in the last minute.

Basanta was strongly criticized and even, most forgot that it is a player icon of the club, which arrived in 2008 as reinforcement and only one year was absent to go to Europe and remains on the roster to date.

Some ask for his retirement, taking into account that by not saying goodbye before the Clausura 2020, Antonio Mohamed Y The board decided not to reinforce the defense, but in June they will do it yes or yes.

Monterrey played it with Basanta start and throughout the meeting, something that had not happened since February 23, 2019; Mohamed’s decision to align him today was also criticized.



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