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Bartek Jdrzejak published a photo from his friend’s funeral. “goodbye”

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March 15 this year. Polish media circulated about the tragic death of 41-year-old Jarosław Skiba. He was a well-known triathlete, trainer of this discipline and swimming. He was fatally hit by a drunk driver in Spain. Many celebrities expressed their sadness via social media, among them was a friend of the deceased, Bartek Jędrzejak. On April 22, the athlete’s funeral took place. Journalist TVN took part in it.

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Małgorzata Ohme is still in mourning. “Just because someone is laughing doesn’t mean they aren’t sad.”

Bartek Jędrzejak took part in the last farewell of his friend Jarosław Skiba

TVN journalist he did not hide on social media that his friend’s death hit him very much. The day before the funeral date, he posted a photo of the athlete on Instagram. However, it was not black and white as is usually used for the dead.

You’ll never be in black and white for me. Jaro, brother. Support in advance. Tomorrow will be one of the most difficult days – he wrote.

InstaStories Bartek Jędrzejak Photo @bartekjedrzejak_official

Next Jędrzejak shared an account of his friend’s funeral at St. Jan Vianney in Poznań. He added a video showing the altar, flowers and the same photo of the coach with czarn ribbon.

Goodbye, he added shortly.

InstaStories Bartek JędrzejakInstaStories Bartek Jędrzejak Photo @bartekjedrzejak_official

On the following reports, the journalist recorded part of the service:

As the priest said, you are waiting for us on the other side.

Bartek JędrzejakBartek Jędrzejak talked about the fight against depression. He was having suicidal thoughts

And also beautiful singing Anny Lasota.

Anna, thank you for the angelic voice. Now running and swimming workouts. The angels are preparing for the triathlon.

Family we express our condolences.

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