Barcelona Heartache Line


Kicked players Barcelona in the transfer market this summer speak up. They both said in unison, heartache!

Barcelona off several players in the transfer market this summer. They are attackers Antoine Griezmann, then midfield Miralem Pjanic, and right-back Emerson Royal.

The last name was sold to Tottenham Hotspur, while the first two names were released on loan to Atletico Madrid and Besiktas.

Miralem Pjanic was finally released by Barcelona after rarely playing (Getty Images/David Ramos)

Reported detikSport from various sources, those who were released raised their voices. They are compact, hurt by the club Barcelona and coach Ronald Koeman!

Miralem Pjanic has been outspoken when he is really angry with Koeman. Pjanic feels unappreciated by never being spoken to.

“I sincerely ask myself many times, thinking about what I did wrong. Maybe he (Koeman-red) doesn’t like to know I told the media that I wanted to play more,” Pjanic told reporters. Mark.

“Any coach will say to you ‘okay, this is a competition’, and I prefer it when he says that. It could be that it is like that, or he doesn’t like me,” he continued.

“I would be happy if he spoke privately and said that I didn’t get along with him. However, he didn’t do that and I don’t understand that. The situation is very complicated, because this is the first time I’ve experienced this,” he said.

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