Business Banque Populaire launches 100% online account opening for Moroccans...

Banque Populaire launches 100% online account opening for Moroccans Around the World


Working for greater proximity to its customers wherever they are, Banque Populaire now allows Moroccans around the World to open their accounts online, without having to go to a Chaabi Bank branch or representative office. A first in Morocco.

In order to make it possible to open an online account from abroad, Banque Populaire capitalized on its technological advance to provide innovative solutions. The electronic signature thus replaces the paper contracts, and the customer authentication maintenance, traditionally carried out in an agency, is carried out by video call to allow the finalization of the opening of the account, in accordance with the requirements of Bank Al Maghrib. The customer can also be assisted remotely if necessary by the Customer Relations Center.

This new route, 100% digital and completely secure, was designed in compliance with the regulations on the use of personal data.

To support the launch of this new entry channel, Banque Populaire offers Moroccans living abroad, for any account opening until September 30, 2020, a free package, for one year, bringing together the essentials necessary banking services.

In addition, and given the current context, Banque Populaire strongly suggests that its customers use online services for day-to-day operations (account consultation, transfer, payment of invoices, cash transfer) and to submit their loan requests real estate or consumption. To this end, in a spirit of solidarity, it offers them free transfer and cash transfer operations initiated from the “Pocket Bank” mobile application, until September 30, 2020.

Through this unprecedented initiative, Banque Populaire reaffirms its ambition to remain the benchmark bank for Moroccans from around the world, with an offer of products and services constantly updated to best meet their expectations and needs.

As a reminder, Banque Populaire is the market leader for Moroccans Around the World with more than a million customers and 52% market share.


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