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Balika Vadhu ANTV: Jagdish Can’t Forget Anandhi, Gauri Is Angry

WARTA LOMBOK – In this episode, it looks Jagdish and Anandhi is on the market. They are already in Mumbai as they have been kicked out of Kalyani’s grandmother’s rumsh.

Face Jagdish looks disheveled because he still remembers his family who still can not forgive him. So that when Gauri offering vegetables and clothes, Jagdish just stay quiet.

At that time, Gauri trying to cheer up Jagdish. But many times it always fails. At that time I was so excited to see Jagdish smile, Gauri deliberately using a men’s shirt with a slanted hat like a truck driver. Thus making Jagdish smile.

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Seen in his rented room, they joked with each other until they ended up making out in bed. They spent the whole day together in a rented house.

On the other hand it looks Anandhi and also Guli is walking around the residents’ houses to take the residents to school
because Anandi will teach the importance of reading. Incidentally no one there can read.

At that time Anandhi you got sprayed by the gentlemen because you think Anandhi disrespectful because Anandhi did not cover his face with a veil.

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At that time Guli feeling tired because no one wants to go to school at his school Anandhi.

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