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Baldur’s Gate 3 received hotfix 12 with some critical bugs fixed

Larian Studios continues to work on Baldur’s Gate 3, which for its part continues to exhibit some stability issues, such as various crashes that have been reported particularly since the launch of the last major patch number five, prompting the team to release their twelfth hotfix today , specifically aimed at fixing certain problems.

It’s a fairly small but very important update: Hotfix 12 is an update aimed at fixing primarily the crashing issues that seem to have been cropping up since the launch of the latest patch, which brought a host of new features to the award-winning RPG Larian.

“We’ve prepared a small fix for today that should address some crashes that occur under certain conditions, such as when starting a conversation with Cazador,” the team said when announcing the new patch.

As for the official notes, they talk about fixing a crash that can occur when a second player joins the game and starts playing in split-screen mode in certain locations, as well as another crash that can occur at some specific points in the game (for example , when talking with the aforementioned Cazador or with Etobald Thorv).

According to some posts on Reddit, it appears that the hotfix still hasn’t solved all the issues that have cropped up in recent hours, especially with regards to the very same glitches that cause the game to freeze completely and, in some cases, lose save data, so it’s likely that More updates may be posted in the coming days.

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