Awo district association Saale-Holzland-Kreis reacts to the resignation of the regional association

The Awo district association Saale-Holzland-Kreis has terminated the employment relationships of two board members. The chairman of the board, Klaus-Dieter Kunze, has been examining technical facilities and playgrounds as a safety specialist for the district association. The association’s lawyer announced on Friday that he received 3,000 euros a month for this service.

Treasurer Hans-Peter Perschke also received 500 euros a month as part of a marginal job. According to the lawyer, he developed energy saving concepts for the district association. The Awo regional association had criticized the fact that both work for the association, which they lead on a voluntary basis as board members. This does not correspond to the company code that has been in force for three years, explained board member Petra Rottschalk.

Both give voting rights on the board

The district association has now terminated these contracts at the end of the year or the end of March. Until then, other service providers should be found. This is how long the board members cast their voting rights on the board. However, the two rule out a resignation from the board of directors, as requested by the Awo regional association.

This would make the district association incapable of acting. Construction projects were under way that required daily decisions. Without the board of directors, there would be financial damage. It is important to prevent that.

The managing director’s salary should be adjusted

The salary of the managing director at the Awo district association Ralf Batz, which was criticized by the regional association, should also be adjusted. He currently earns around 200,000 euros a year, the lawyer confirmed. That is legally okay, but does not correspond to the requirements of the Awo company code. The contract expires at the end of the year and should be adjusted.

The Awo regional association does not want to be satisfied with that. One continues to adhere to an economic review of the district association. All contracts are currently being examined. The state executive wants to assess the situation in two weeks. The district association, on the other hand, stated that the regional association had known about the employment relationships over the years.

Since the beginning of the year, scandals have repeatedly shaken Awo Thuringia. It’s about high salaries, large company cars and financial enrichment.


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