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Autofiction by Tirso Causillas, directed by Nani Pease, is presented at the House of Remembering

“Mudarse de sí (chicken with potatoes)” by Tirso Causillas is directed by Nani Pease.

After a successful touring season in 2023, the play “Mudarse de sí (chick with potatoes)” is located for a brief season at Yuyachkani’s house in Magdalena.

“Mudarse de si (chick with potatoes)” by Tirso Causillas is directed by Nani Pease and produced by /Otro/teatro collective, it is an autofiction about domestic violence, symbolic migration and the labyrinth of family love.

The work tells the story of the last days of a family crossed by absence, aggression, alcohol and shouting on Skype. It tells the story of Tirsito (Tirso of the past) who, accompanied by Tirso (the one of the present), will take us through the tensions, desires, intensities and difficulties of growing up in his family, and at the same time the struggles and challenges of being actor in a city that makes it as difficult as Lima.

About the work

Tirsito – a young man who studies acting at the Escuela Nacional Superior de Arte Dramático de Lima – wants to move. Leaving the parental home. Be a successful actor that everyone recognizes on the street. He wants to stop feeling fear, guilt, anger. He wants to start over. But he doesn’t dare. Leaving his family is very difficult. Job insecurity and migration have left them with 27 soles until who knows when. They no longer have to pay for the room where they live. The landlord breaks down their door every day demanding rent. Tirsito writes letters to his future self, Tirso, to gain courage. He tells her about Sofía, the girl who doesn’t give him any attention. How she would like to be her. And by taking us through that world, he shares with us, intimately, almost like one of those stories told with fear and guilt in the ear, the violence he has suffered, the crossing of limits, the anguish that makes him know, that it hurts like that, it is the time to go

This emotional journey through the life of an artist gives us metaphors about memory, violence and the possibility of creating new paths without denying the past.

All of this will be narrated through laughter and anger, through live music, singing that which cannot be said, and through eating a lot (and on stage) grilled chicken, with which Tirsito’s family celebrates everything. the good that happens.

The work has been the winner of the Annual Creation Project Contest of the Vice-Rectorate of Research of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in 2022, and also of the stimuli of the Ministry of Culture in 2023. Tirso Causillas has also received the Critics’ Award from the Office Critic for best performance in a comedy work in 2023.

Words from author/actor Tirso Causillas

“There is not a second in which the work allows us to wonder how this story can tell us about a shared experience. And this is because I am interested in theater to the extent that it can be a vehicle to outrage, mobilize, impact, disorient, etc. Unfortunately, we are not in times of conciliation. This work is a wounded cry that talks about more intimate things but tries, and does so with all the rage possible, to be a metaphor for this wounded country that we have. It is a work about a family on the verge of collapse, without money and without any possibility of reversing what they would like to forget. The most repeated phrase is let’s not talk about the past, please and yet it is the history of the past exploding in our faces.”

Words from director Nani Pease

“Do you have to stay with someone who hurts you?

How far does duty go when being a son or daughter?

How much responsibility do we have for those we love when the exercise of that love involves being hurt? Why silence the attacks we receive? Why forgive without them (even wanting to) apologize? Can we get away from those stories? As? Where do we start?

“Moving away from oneself (chicken and potatoes)” has been a beautiful journey that enables us to ask these questions. In his meeting with the public he has left our hearts full of gratitude and the confirmation of the shared right to ask ourselves questions like that, even if it hurts, even if it is difficult. We hope to continue sharing it and encouraging us to denature the violence to which we are unfortunately exposed in our country.”


Dramaturgy: Tirso Causillas

Directed by: Nani Pease

On stage: Bruno Espejo, Mariana Palau, Tirso Causillas

Live musicians: Loko Pérez, Alfredo Anderson

Executive production: Sharon Montes, Adriana Seminario

General production: /Other/theater collective

House of Remembrance (Jr. Tacna 363 Magdalene of the Sea). Tickets are acquired through wassup or at the theater box office on the day of the performance.

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