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Autocross returns to Gargždis on August 27.

Automobile sports club “Žaibas” has been organizing autocross competitions, training sessions and various autosport events since 2002 (the beginning of establishment). The name of ASK “Žaibas” of Klaipėda district is already known in the highest level of motor sports. All members of the club are fanatics and masters of this sport, most of whom are members from Gargžda, Dovila and other cities and districts.

Every competition becomes an adventure for motorsport fanatics, accompanied by excitement and adrenaline. Athletes do not hide that they are addicted to this sport.
It is possible to organize autocross competitions of the highest level in Gargždai, but this year we chose to organize lower league competitions, which attract more participants, thus more interesting and more stressful battles take place.
The Gargždai autocross track is being rebuilt from the ground up: turning surfaces are renewed, additional safety elements are installed and updated from concrete slabs, an additional row of tires is added, some bends of the track are adjusted, as well as a newly installed off-road track, the environment is maintained. A lot of club and partner funds have been invested in the track. We do everything possible for the safety of athletes and spectators.
This year, the club organized training on the autocross track. Anyone who wanted to test the technology, test their driving skills or have fun with family and friends could come. For the club, it was a small rehearsal and preparation for the competition “Žemaitija-Gargždai Cup Competition Stage IV”, which will take place on August 27. We invite all participants and spectators to visit this motorsport event.
Before the event, a lottery will be held where you can win tickets and a ride on the Gargžda cross track, so follow the news on our Facebook account “Automobilių sporto klubas “Zaibas”.
in 2022 many strong athletes participate in the club’s activities: Mindaugas and Kęstutis Skiezgils (brothers), Linas Petrauskas, Egidijus Stuopelis, Liutauras Mockus, Mindaugas Jaudžemis, Gintaras Jurgulis, Romas Kiaulakys, Giedrius Gelžinis, Kleopas Krakys. Pavel Ivanovas, Leonidas Ivanovas, Jonas Jurevičius, Gintaras Jurgulis, Romaldas Kontrimas, Erikas Kubilius, Vytautas Maksimovs, Antanas Jenkus, Gvidas Bočkus and others devote a lot of time to the organization of club activities and events.
ASK “Žaibas” has many years of experience and excellent partners who help in the production of advertising – “Demisio srataus”; in the field of fire safety, work safety – “Saugana”, “Tutus Ignis”; sports car preparation – ESMT Motorsport; “Gargždų geležinkelis” for loading and transportation services; “Gargždų communal services”, “Klaipėda district energy” and “Vakaru švara” for the ground maintenance of the track; “Gargžda švara” – for environmental management and garbage removal, etc.
The club team sincerely thanks Klaipėda district municipality, district mayor Broniis Markauskas, Gargždai cultural center, volunteers and everyone who helps prepare for the competition.
See you on August 27. On the Gargždai autocross track.

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