Augsburg: Motorists with almost three per mille in their blood drive in wavy lines

Two road users were drunk on Sunday in Augsburg. An alcohol test revealed a value of over two per mille for both of them.

An attentive road user shared on Sunday shortly after 9 p.m police a Mercedes driver who drove in a snaking manner on Nagahama-Allee/Berliner Allee. The 39-year-old driver was then found and checked in front of his home address. The officials noticed a clear smell of alcohol on the man, and a subsequent alcohol test showed a value of around 2.9 per mille.

At around 5:30 p.m., another drunk driving incident was noticed. A nearly nine-year-old boy was riding his scooter on the cycle path in the wrong direction on Wolframstraße. He was overlooked by a racing cyclist and caught, but only slightly injured. The 41-year-old racing cyclist, on the other hand, fell off his bike and was briefly unconscious on the ground. First responders tended to the victim until paramedics arrived. According to the police, when the accident was recorded, it turned out that the cyclist was on the road with a blood alcohol content of over 2.1. When he was treated in the hospital, a blood sample was taken immediately. (ziss)

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