Auditel Analysis: Tg1, Tg5, Tg La7, and Tg2 Reach High Shares, Your Business Leads Access Time – TV Ratings and Rankings

So let’s start with our usual Auditel analysis from the challenge of the 8.00 pm news with the curve of Tg1 in command right up to the 25% share threshold. It follows the orange curve of Tg5 which is positioned immediately above the 20% share line. The black curve of Tg La7 it is positioned up to around 6% of share, with the red curve of Tg2 of 20:30 which reaches the same value.

In access time territory we see the blue curve of clearly in command Your business which starts from 20% and ends at a 32% share. It is worth adding that the numbers that the historic Rai1 game, now hosted by Amadeus, is bringing home are absolutely extraordinary, as TvBlog had already had the opportunity to highlight at the time. We then have the orange curve of Canale 5 far away with Strip the news between 15 and 21% share. Then to follow the usual curves of Rai3, La7 and Italia 1.

Prime time with a head-to-head between the curves of Canale 5 with the variety show The island of the famous 2023 and Rai1 with the original television Living is not child’s play. Both lines run just above the 15% share threshold. The Canale 5 variety curve starts just above, to then be reached by the Rai1 fiction curve, which then reaches a 19% share at the end. Among the other curves, the green one of Rai3 earns third place with the cult Report.

Second evening with the orange curve of Canale 5 which prevails with the finale of the Island of the famous up to around 30% share. It follows the blue curve of Rai1 just below the 10% share line with the documentary I expected Don Puglisi’s smile.

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2023-05-30 11:17:49
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