Attention! OJK’s Revocation of 45 Pinjol Permits

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The number of officially registered online loans (Pinjol) licensed from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) continues to decrease. If at the beginning of the year the number had touched 149 pinjol, then on October 25, 2021 there were only 104 pinjol.

There are several reasons why OJK revoked registration certificates. Mostly because they stated that they were no longer able to continue the company’s operations, and did not fulfill the documents requested by the OJK.

“OJK urges the public to always use the services of fintech lending providers that have been registered/licensed from the OJK. Contact OJK Contact 157 via telephone number 157 or whatsapp service 081 157 157 157 to check the status of the licenses for offering financial services products received,” said OJK in a statement. written, Thursday (4/11/2021).

Separately, the Ministry of Communication and Information has cut off access to illegal online loan services. It is noted that as of October 26, 2021, 4,096 illegal loans have been blocked.

“From 2018 to October 26, 2021, Kominfo has cut off access to 4,906 fintech (financial technology) content or online loans that violate laws and regulations,” said Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny Plate as quoted from the official Kominfo website.

The following is a list of loans whose registered licenses have been revoked by OJK:

  1. PT Digital Tunai Kita
  2. PT Kapital Boost Indonesia
  3. PT Global Kapital Tech
  4. PT Digital Acceleration Movement Indonesia
  5. PT Maslahat Indonesia Mandiri
  6. PT Arga Berkah Sejahtera
  7. PT Berkah Manages Funds
  8. PT Danon Digital Nusantara
  9. PT Mitra Mandiri Funding
  10. PT Amanah Karyananta Nusantara
  11. PT Digilend Mobile Nusantara
  12. PT Digital Yinshan Technology
  13. PT Finlink Technology Indonesia.
  14. PT Performance Success Gemilang
  15. PT. Mutual Cooperation Funding
  16. PT Newline Fintech Indonesia
  17. PT Dynamic Credit Asia
  18. PT Sinergi Financial Partners
  19. PT Digital Survive Indonesia
  20. PT Mikro Kapital Indonesia
  21. PT Pasar Dana Teknologi
  22. Asia Financial Technology PT
  23. PT Artha Simo Indonesia
  24. PT Four Times Indonesia
  25. PT Indo Fintek Digital
  26. PT Dana Aguna Nusantara
  27. PT Anantara Digital Indonesia
  28. PT Needs Fintech Indonesia
  29. PT Digitron Solusi Indonesia
  30. PT Jayindo Fintek Pratama
  31. PT Satrio Jaya Persada
  32. PT Teknologi Indonesia Sentosa
  33. PT PAM Financial Technology
  34. PT Coco Digital Technology
  35. PT Evian Teknologi Indonesia
  36. PT Smart Karya Digital
  37. PT Tujuh Mandiri Sejahtera
  38. PT Berkah Finteck Syariah
  39. PT Pundiku Mitra Sejahtera
  40. PT Serba Digital Teknologi
  41. PT Solusi Bijak Indonesia
  42. PT Prima Fintech Indonesia
  43. PT OK Ptop Indonesia
  44. PT BBX Digital Technology.
  45. PT Alfa Fintech Indonesia.
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