ATP Miami 2023 LIVE: Sonego dominates Tiafoe 6-3 6-4 with an exceptional display, defying the rain!


4.31 Our LIVE LIVE from Sonego-Tiafoe ends here. Thanks for following us and goodnight everyone, appointment at 17.00 for Sinner-Rublev.

4.30 Now for Lorenzo Sonego there is Francisco Cerundolo next night at 1.00: a great opportunity to arrive for the third time in his career in a fourth Masters 1000.

4.28 20 winners and 7 free errors for Sonego who lost only five points on service in the whole match: 76% of firsts in the field, 91% of points with the first, 82% with the second. One of the best performances in his career for the blue.



30-15 Outside service and straight along the line!

15-15 Service to the winning center for Sonego!

0-15 Sonego’s forehand does not pass on Tiafoe’s good diagonal backhand.

5-4 Sonego. After the change of sides, the blue goes to serve for the match.

40-0 Let go of the arm and Sonego’s forehand does not remain in the field.

30-0 Sonego’s backhand response flies away.

15-0 Second ace also for Tiafoe.

5-3 Sonego. At zero the Italian tennis player still holds the serve without problems.

40-0 The eighth ace arrives for Sonego and the three balls of 5-3.

30-0 Service and wonderful inside-in forehand: great responsiveness.

15-0 Yet another winning external trajectory with the service.

4-3 Sonego. This game has not been played: Tiafoe loads up and tries to give himself a jolt.

40-0 Another direct point with the first.

30-0 First ace of the match for the American.

15-0 Tiafoe serves well.

4-2 Sonego. He pushes the blue well with his forehand when he comes out of the serve: he starts again in the best way from the suspension.

40-15 The direct point returns with the first: two possibilities of 4-2.

30-15 The tape surprises Sonego and the reverse of the Piedmontese ends up in the corridor.

30-0 Seventh ace of the match for Sonego.

15-0 Fantastic defense by Sonego with the forehand in the running, recovery remains low.

THE MATCH STARTS AGAIN! Lorenzo Sonego returns to service after almost two hours.

4.05 The two players finally return to the field: now the canonical five minutes of warm-up and then it starts again.

3.18 New update: we don’t start before 3.45 on the Central Station.

2.40 It starts to rain again and the match between Sonego and Tiafoe will not restart before 3.30 Italian time.

2.30 The match will not start again before 3.00: the rain has stopped, but the pitch needs to be dried.

2.11 We will give you more updates later, see you soon.

2.10 Not lucky Sonego who was playing great and is stopped at the best moment.

2.09 Game suspended, the intensity of the rain increases: we return to the changing rooms.

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2.07 The rain still disturbs the game, the match is temporarily interrupted again.

3-2 Sonego. Tiafoe keeps his serve at fifteen and tries to stay in contact with his opponent.

40-15 He does not hit well with the Sonego backhand: two balls for 3-2.

30-15 Slap in the center with the service.

15-15 Response from Sonego and then a winning volley kissed by the ribbon.

15-0 Good service and straight counterattack for Tiafoe.

3-1 Sonego. Another winning first for the blue who in the whole match has left only three points on his serve so far.

40-0 Again the external trajectory with the service gives Sonego the point: three balls for 3-1.

30-0 He also turns straight on the second Sonego and starts hammering.

15-0 Service to go out and straight to the line on the other side.

2-1 Sonego. Tiafoe holds the serve at zero and tries to stay hooked.

40-0 Winning service to go out and possibility of 2-1.

30-0 Let Tiafoe forehand explode from the center.

15-0 Sonego still responds well, but Tiafoe’s diagonal backhand is good.

2-0 Sonego. Partial of 8 points to 0 for the blue from 30-0 Tiafoe in the first game of the second set.

40-0 Sixth ace for Sonego, impregnable trajectory in the center: 2-0 ball.

30-0 Tiafoe’s blocked answer does not remain in the field.

15-0 It recovers from the first winner of Sonego.

1.52 The two players are still on the field, the intensity of the rain is low, but the lines are slippery.

1.50 A few drops of rain, match temporarily interrupted.

1-0 BREAK SONEGO! Another surreal response from the Turinese who also goes on in the second set!

30-40 Second tender from Tiafoe and Sonego strikes him with the backhand response! Break point.

30-30 Sonego anticipates with the backhand response on Tiafoe’s second, takes time away from his opponent.

30-15 Splendid answer and straight ahead of Sonego who made a hole in the ground.

30-0 Another great first for Tiafoe.

15-0 Good transition to the net and closing with the smash for Tiafoe.

1.42 11 winners, 1 unforced error for an almost unplayable Sonego who fielded 17 first out of 22 (78%) with a yield of 17/18 (94%).

6-3 FIRST SONEGO SET! Simply perfect first partial of the blue.

40-0 Again the first external gives the point to Sonego: three set points.

30-0 Tiafoe’s backhanded passer-by with his feet well away from the corridor!

15-0 Service to go out and straight on the counterattack.

5-3 Sonego. Tiafoe manages to keep his serve, the blue now serves for the set.

A-40 Backhand response that stays on tape.

40-40 Another nice answer from Sonego.

A-40 Nice first and forward backhand: ball for 5-3.

40-40 Sonego’s straight comes out who tried to push.

30-40 SONEGO’S STRAIGHT! WHAT A PROFESS IN DEFENSE! Set point! He dusted the line!

30-30 Service and a nice forehand for the American.

15-30 Wonderful backhand from Sonego along the line from afar.

15-15 Yet another mistake with the forehand for the home tennis player.

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15-0 Advance service and backhand for Tiafoe.

5-2 Sonego. The blue closes the net after the attack on the counterattack and consolidates his advantage.

40-15 Direct point with service and two balls for 5-2 Sonego.

30-15 Excellent corner found with the forehand diagonally by Sonego.

15-15 Another first winning service for Sonego.

0-15 Sonego’s forehand on the net who had the opportunity to push.

4-2 Sonego. The American holds the serve and stays behind by a break.

40-15 Sonego’s response shortly in the corridor.

30-15 Good service, diagonal backhand and rebound smash for Tiafoe.

15-15 Direct point with the service for the number 14 in the world.

0-15 Tiafoe’s forehand on the counterattack is lost in the corridor.

4-1 Sonego. Fifth ace for Sonego who has fielded 11 first balls out of 13 so far.

40-0 Another first in the field and backhand on the winning counterattack also kissed by the tape.

30-0 Another winning first for a Sonego who is serving great.

15-0 Good first external for Sonego, well placed.

3-1 BREAK SONEGO! Second double fault of the game for Tiafoe and the blue puts in the arrow.

15-40 Tiafoe’s backhand is long: two Sonego break points!

15-30 Sonego’s answer is very deep and central, Tiafoe is found unprepared.

15-15 There is a double foul for Tiafoe.

15-0 The Sonego backhand hits badly.

2-1 Sonego. Fourth ace for the Turinese who comes back with four winning firsts from 0-30.

40-30 Another winning first ball for Sonego and a chance for 2-1.

30-30 Excellent first in the center and closing with a slap on the fly.

15-30 Third ace for Sonego.

0-30 Sonego defended himself well after a great response from Tiafoe, the American was good at pushing and taking time for the blue.

0-15 He attacks Tiafoe well since the answer on Sonego’s second.

1-1. Very fast service game also for Tiafoe.

40-15 Service and straight, very precise Tiafoe: two chances for 1-1.

30-15 The tape accommodates the ball to Tiafoe who closes on the fly after the attack.

15-15 Sonego’s answer runs away.

0-15 Goes out of turn with the forehand Tiafoe.

Sonego 1-0. No rally was ever entered in this first service game.

40-0 Second ace in a row for Sonego.

30-0 Ace to go out for the Turin area.

15-0 Good second serve for Sonego, he jumps very high.


1.04 Lorenzo Sonego will start serving this match: the two players are engaged in the warm-up phases.

1.01 Day session on the Central which saw, in addition to two women’s matches, also the victory of Tsitsipas over Garin in three sets: the Greek will face Khachanov tomorrow, but he did not appear in great shape.

0.58 Tiafoe comes from the Indian Wells semifinal and is currently at number 14 in the ranking, his best ranking ever.

0.55 Sonego who is chasing the second eighth final in Miami, since he managed to reach it also in 2021, when he was seeded, had a bye in the first round and beat Fratangelo and Galan, before surrendering to Tsitsipas.

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0.52 In the meantime, tomorrow’s program has already been released and Jannik Sinner will play on the Grandstand at 17.00 against Andrey Rublev, while Martina Trevisan will face Elena Rybakina on the Central around 20.00.

0.49 Program that has changed compared to the first draft: in fact, Molcan withdrew pre-match with Medvedev, therefore the match from Turin was transferred from third on the Grandstand to first in the evening on the Central.

0.46 The winner of Sonego-Tiafoe has a good chance in the round of 16: one of the two is waiting for Francisco Cerundolo, who previously surprisingly beat Felix Auger-Aliassime.

0.43 Sonego faces the landlord Tiafoe after the success achieved in the Davis Cup last November against the player from Maryland: two weeks earlier the American had won in Paris-Bercy with a double 6-4.

0.40 Good night friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of Sonego-Tiafoe, third round of the Masters 1000 in Miami.

The Sonego-Tiafoe program

Good morning OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the match between Lorenzo Sonego and Frances Tiafoe, valid for the round of 32 of the Miami Masters 1000.

Lorenzo Sonego he is one of the two Italians to have reached the third round in Florida: Jannik Sinner also succeeded, while Lorenzo Musetti and Matteo Berrettini left the scene prematurely. The Turinese is looking for his second eighth-final of career in Miami: he reached it in 2021, when he managed to beat Bjorn Fratangelo and Daniel Galan, before surrendering to Stefanos Tsitsipas. The victories in the first two rounds against Dominic Thiem and Daniel Evans were convincing, as was the season so far, with the peak reached in Dubai, a tournament in which he beat Felix Auger-Aliassime.

Frances Tiafoe he has reached at least the round of 16 in all of his last four participations in the Miami tournament: the best result came in 2019, when he reached the quarterfinals. The American is back from the semifinal in Indian Wells, stopped only by Daniil Medvedev and at the moment is in his best ranking, number 14 in the world. Two precedents between Sonego and Tiafoeboth very recent: the last one won by the Piedmontese in the Davis Cup with a score of 6-3 7-6, while that of Paris-Bercy also last year won by the tennis player from Maryland with a double 6-4.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of the match between Lorenzo Sonego and Frances Tiafoe, valid for the round of 32 of the Miami Masters 1000. It is played on the Central and the meeting is scheduled as a fourth from 18.00, but in any case not before 1.00: Garin-Tsitsipas, Pegula-Linette and Rybakina-Mertens will play first. Good fun!

Photo: LaPresse / Olycom

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