News Atlanta rapper dead murdered at 27

Atlanta rapper dead murdered at 27


The Atlanta rapper Lil Marlo, real name Rudolph “Marlo” Johnson, was found shot in his car the night of Saturday to Sunday July 12. Its Quality Control Music label announced the loss of its artist died at just 27 years old and who leaves behind two children:

The late rapper was found dead in his car, shot dead on a highway, while sources mention the fact that he was the victim of an attempted theft, the settlement of accounts was also raised by the authorities. Violence that claimed the life of a promising young dad and artist.

Another unfortunate loss for the new US rap scene. Rapper Lil Marlo notably collaborated with his friend Lil Baby and Future, on the song 1st and 3rd, with Young Thug on the song Stay Down and the rapper Sadly told by Lil Yachty that he and Lil Marlo had recorded a track together the very morning of his death :


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