ATI doctor Floreasca Hospital: ‘Our country risks generating a new viral variant. WHO will propose restrictions’ – News by sources

Radu Țincu, ATI chief physician at Floreasca Hospital, spoke about the decision of the World Health Organization to send an expert for health emergencies to Bucharest and expressed the opinion that the WHO will propose restrictive measures.

“Beyond this concern regarding Romania, the European authorities are having big problems regarding the risk of the Romanian pandemic evolving in Europe as well”, he explained, on Sunday evening, on B1 TV, on “Dosar e politician” with Silviu Romania, where he drew attention to the fact that there is a risk that our country “will generate a new viral variant”.

“The expert comes for two reasons. Of course, they are also concerned about the evolution of the pandemic in Romania, and the fact that we are the only country where over 300 people die every day, it is a concern for the European authorities, but beyond this concern regarding Romania, the European authorities are having big problems. related to the risk that the pandemic in Romania will evolve in Europe as well. Because we saw in India, we remember, the Indian version appeared in that country when the pandemic got out of control and the number of diseases increased a lot. Romania risks generating a new viral variant and then it is certain that the European authorities are trying to intervene in order to protect their community interest “, said Radu Țincu.

The doctor believes that the WHO expert will propose restrictions.

“It will propose restrictive measures. Of course, the Romanian authorities did not have the courage to make these proposals and then it will be a proposal from the World Health Organization “, added Radu Țincu, who spoke on B1 TV about the doctors contesting the vaccination.



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