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At least as important as the discovery made …

The statement said Turkey’s energy dependence on foreign oil and gas imports is the first that comes to mind. In 2019, 45 billion m3 of natural gas and 44.7 million tons of crude oil and petroleum products were imported. If we are going to go over 98% of natural gas Turkey is dependent on foreign about it. This situation affects the diplomatic moves of the country, its ability to resist and consequently the phenomenon of the national state. Of course it is not a new problem. However, considering the increasing number of fronts and problem areas in foreign policy, the necessity of getting rid of foreign dependency in energy is obvious.

Recently released “axis“The debate is actually related to this… The balance and relational alternatives between east and west are in a way on the route of energy diplomacy.

How then can reduce its energy dependence on Turkey?

Most importantly, you need to increase local resources, if you can’t find them, you need to diversify resources, that is, change the distribution of the products and / or countries you import. And you must include renewable energy and nuclear energy in your system. Turkey recently and are seeing the positive results were not enough to take some steps in this title. For example, while Russia was the first country from which we have been purchasing natural gas for a long time, this ratio has recently moved in favor of Azerbaijan. Likewise, the share of renewable energy sources in electricity generation approached 90% for a while.

But the most important thing here is to be a self-sufficient country in natural gas and oil. You know, the academic literature, including for Turkey “It is not a country rich in energy resources (at least oil and natural gas)” opinion is dominant.

Pleasant! Even among citizens “In fact, there are resources but external forces do not allow this, they will not …” spoken stops. When natural gas or oil in the form of a report, lo always found this sentence comes to my mind … Is there really a spot for natural gas and oil from Turkey? Can’t we get it out?

From this point of view, the discovery of 320 billion m3 natural gas reserves brings both hope and a danger that we should pay attention to.

I say hope because this is not a work that can be taken lightly… We should not think of it only as this reserve. Considering our other search ships currently operating in the Mediterranean, it is easy to predict that these reserves may increase. Turkey pays to see the cost of about 2-3 months before for this exploration work is almost equivalent to the cost of one of these ships. Now we are trying to reflect these efforts on the field with our own will.

My own belief is that the common sense and whether it supports every citizen in Turkey.

The example I will give without going far when it comes to danger “Turkish official who made a statement to Reuters” is the event. After the announcement that the announcement would be made on Friday, these expectations were raised by a Turkish official (if indeed!), And the short-term expectation of the citizens, especially those whose economy went through difficult times, became more precluded than the announcement. And when the final explanation is made, this important development in essence has become more of a focus of political polarization. If this is not considered or preferred as a communication / propaganda method, it has simply been a serious communication accident.

Consequently, such issues, which should stand in a supra-party position, are a part of national sensitivity. It is as important as the discovery made to be very careful in these matters and to carry the good work done to the future with the right methods.

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