At CHI Toulon-La Seyne-sur-Mer, the financial support of Ségur will make it possible to get out of a “toxic” loan

The financial support of the Ségur de la santé at the intercommunal hospital center (CHI) of Toulon-La Seyne-sur-Mer will allow it to get out of a “toxic” loan contracted in 2008, explained the establishment in a press release published mid -March.

The CHI must receive 85.9 million euros (M€) for the restoration of its financial capacities. He must also obtain 18 M€ for the implementation of a joint medical project (under development) with the CH of Hyères (Var) of which he ensures the common management, according to the regional plan Ségur which was presented in December 2021 by the government.

With this accounting support of €85.9 million, the intermunicipal hospital “confirms the exit from the structured loan, said to be ‘toxic’, which had degraded its accounts for almost 15 years and limited its ability to invest”, explains the CHI.

This loan, contracted in 2008 (maturing in 2043) with the Caisse française de financement for an amount of €30 million, as part of the financing of the construction of the new Sainte-Musse hospital in Toulon (inaugurated in 2011), was indexed on the euro/Swiss franc parity. But the fall of the euro against the franc

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