At -24: 00 on August 29, Guangxi extra 14 new scenarios of nearby asymptomatic an infection

From 00:00 to 24:00 on August 29, Guangxi included 14 new cases of local asymptomatic bacterial infections, like 9 instances in Dongxing Metropolis, Fangchenggang, 4 circumstances in Xiangshan District, Guilin City, and 1 scenario in Guilin County. Sanjiang, Liuzhou metropolis. 41 instances of asymptomatic an infection were being introduced from isolation and medical observation on the similar day (37 scenarios in Chongzuo city, 1 case in Nanning metropolis, 1 situation in Beihai city, 1 scenario in Fangchenggang city and 1 situation in the town of Baise). At 24:00 on August 29, there had been 101 asymptomatic regional infections in the location (71 in Fangchenggang, 7 in Chongzuo, 6 in Nanning, 6 in Guilin, 6 in Baise and 4 in Beihai). , 1 case in Liuzhou).

There were being 4 new circumstances of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad on the identical working day (2 cases in Fangchenggang city, 1 situation in Nanning town and 1 case in Chongzuo town). On the same day, 16 circumstances of asymptomatic infections were imported from overseas (15 instances in Chongzuo city and 1 case in Fangchenggang town). There are 4 confirmed situations imported from overseas (3 cases in Fangchenggang town and 1 scenario in Beihai town) and 124 cases of asymptomatic bacterial infections (109 instances in Chongzuo town, 13 situations in Fangchenggang town and 2 scenarios in the town of Nanning).

On the exact same working day, 823 new shut contacts have been added, 197 shut contacts ended up unveiled from clinical observation, and there ended up 2,322 near contacts.

A complete of 2,253 verified conditions have been described in the area, a whole of 2,247 have been dealt with and discharged and 2 have died. Presently 4 conditions are getting addressed.

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