Aston Villa is not yet tarnished, ready to repeat history?


Aston Villa 1-0 win over Leicester City. Already four games starting Premier League wiped out, there’s a sweet history about it.

Aston Villa visit the cage Leicester City at King Power Stadium on Monday (19/10/2020) in the morning WIB. Both teams played pretty tight.

Winning goal Aston Villa just arrived in second half extra time. Precisely in the 90 + 1 minute by Ross Barkley.

The midfielder on loan from Chelsea took off a kick across from outside the penalty box. Targeted at the right corner of the goal, Kasper Schmeichel was unable to reach it.

Ross Barkley scores Aston Villa winning goal (Getty Images / Pool)

Reporting from BBC, now Aston Villa already wiped out the initial four wins in the Premier League. Jack Grealish et al collected 12 points and while sitting in second place in the Premier League. One point different from Everton at the top of the standings.

The 1930/1931 season, something similar has also been experienced by Aston Villa. They won in the first four matches and could close the season finishing second!

Dean Smith, Aston Villa manager also praised his foster children. Asked about the historical record, he prefers not to think about it.

“We just have to focus on the next match. We enjoy the moment now and then get ready to face Leeds United,” he said as quoted by the press. Sky Sports.

Aston Villa so far have beaten Sheffield United, Fulham, Liverpool and Leicester City. The last two clubs, were residents of the top Premier League last season. Which last season, Aston Villa had to fight hard to get out of the relegation zone.

“It’s been a great start for us. All the players started with difficult physical conditions because of the lack of pre-season time, but the important thing is to slow down as long as you are sure,” said Dean Smith

“Leicester played very well and Ross Barkley was able to show himself which has proven to be brilliant with Everton and Chelsea,” he concluded.

The results of this match took Aston Villa while sitting in second place Premier League Standings. They collect 12 points from four matches. Meanwhile, Leicester is in fourth place with nine points from five matches.

The highlights of the Leicester City vs Aston Villa match can be watched on Mola TV via the link this, by subscribing to the Sports and Entertainment package.

Watch VideoLeft out of Chelsea, Ross Barkley Loaned at Aston Villa
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