Why De Luca told Fazio Take all the Covid swabs at the abbey

In conclusion of the connection with the program “Che tempo che fa”, the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, took his leave with a particular recommendation a Fabio Fazio. Chuckling, he said to him: “Please, do all the tampons in the abbey.” An invitation that contains a reference that the presenter seems not to have caught: in fact Fazio replied, probably not having understood the sentence (or glissando to try to mislead) that the program is not recorded in the Rai headquarters in Viale Mazzini.

But what did De Luca mean by citing the abbey? it was nothing more than a reference to famous term “Fratacchione” with whom he had appealed to Fazio in May, when he had been a guest on the same broadcast to talk about Phase 2. Also in connection with Jole Santelli, president of the Calabria Region who died last October 15, to a question about loved ones and relatives, De Luca replied: “I am in favor of all affections. I am convinced that you too, despite his fratricidal image, has many stable affections around Italy. “The term immediately became a trend topic on Twitter and social networks in general, with many wondering what De Luca meant by that nickname. In reality, the definition recalls the stereotypical one of fraticello friend of all, but deep down very clever.

It was probably a response to Fazio’s initial teasing, who at the beginning of the connection had made fun of him about theendorsement received from Naomi Campbell: the former British super model had published on her social networks a roundup of Italian politicians who underlined with “colorful tones” the importance of following the anti-contagion measures and among these, obviously, Vincenzo De Luca stood out.

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