As a DJ in the fetish club: “Querdenker” Captain Future is to DJ at the famous Berlin KitKat – Berlin

If there was such a thing as a fun guerrilla among the “lateral thinkers”, Michael Bründel was their boss. During the peak phase of the corona pandemic, the Berliner staged himself as the self-proclaimed superhero “Captain Future” and repeatedly appeared with his supporters from the “Freedom Parade” at demonstrations by those who played down the corona.

However, the actions were anything but funny: When it had long been proven that distance and masks protect against infection, Captain Future walked through supermarkets with his people without distance and sang “A little Sars must be”. Apart from a yellow superhero mask in front of his eyes, he wore nothing on his face.

And after countless people had died of Covid-19 in the intensive care units, Bründel celebrated his 44th birthday with dozens of friends in his Friedrichshain apartment in autumn 2021, the people chanting “Peace, freedom, no dictatorship”. A little later he reported himself, for a week flu-like having symptoms in bed. “I don’t know if it was Corona,” he said in a video. He didn’t take a test. “I don’t care at all either.”

Apparently it doesn’t matter as much as the proximity to conspiracy ideologues and Reich citizens, through which the “Freedom Parade” attracted attention again and again. A Holocaust denier has traveled with Bründel in his entourage, his followers compared police officers to the SA and SS, he himself appeared alongside right-wing extremists or harassed and insulted SPD politicians Olaf Scholz and Andreas Geisel during the election campaign.

“I would still book Attila Hildmann for catering”

However, now that the corona virus has lost its greatest terror because of the omicron variant, Bründel should also celebrate again as if nothing had happened. On June 17th he is scheduled to DJ in one of Berlin’s most famous clubs, the KitKat Club on Köpenicker Strasse in Mitte, world-renowned for its fetish parties.

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