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Artmu Releases MagSafe-Certified 3in1 High-Speed Wireless Charger for iPhone, AirPod, and Apple Watch

Artmu Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Seok-gi Woo), which operates ARTMU, an IT mobile accessory, is a MagSafe-certified 3in1 high-speed wireless charger (model: MC410) that can simultaneously charge iPhone, AirPod, and Apple Watch. has been released.

The MagSafe 3in1 wireless charger, certified by Apple (MFM), provides a safe wireless charging function of up to 15W and features MagSafe technology introduced from the iPhone 12 model.

Through the MagSafe method, a magnetic wireless charging module, you can easily attach and detach your iPhone for high-speed wireless charging, and you can charge the latest Apple Watch Ultra and AirPod Pro 2 quickly and efficiently at the same time.

In addition, the MC410 is a high-performance stand 3in1 multi-high-speed wireless charger product that supports high-speed charging of Apple Watch 7th, 8th, and Ultra compared to the existing MC310 model and adds an elegant feel to any tabletop.

Depending on the user environment, the vertical angle of the wireless charger can be adjusted up to 20° up and down, and in the case of Apple Watch, it can be adjusted up to 50°.

In addition to charging the magnetic MagSafe case applied to the new AirPods Pro 2, it supports charging up to two iPhones.

It is equipped with Apple’s official MagSafe module, enabling 15W charging, which is faster than 7.5W of general wireless chargers, and is also characterized by excellent safety and compatibility.

A function to prevent overcurrent caused by foreign substances during charging and a function to block overvoltage when a high voltage is input are applied, making it safer to use.

By using a luxurious metal finish with chrome plating on zinc alloy, it can be placed anywhere in various spaces such as home or office, and it can be used as an interior accessory.

In addition to the MFM-certified MagSafe charger, you can see a variety of high-speed charging accessory lineups related to Apple devices such as Thunderbolt 4 dock, multi-hub, MFi high-speed charging cable, USB4 cable, HDMI2.1 cable, DP1.4 cable, etc.

Artmu goes through a rigorous inspection process of Apple MFM-certified MagSafe wireless charging module and can be used for a long time without errors after iOS update as well as compatibility and stability. He emphasized that it is a desk interior essential that can increase space utilization.

Currently, Artmyu is holding a limited-time reservation special event to commemorate the release of the MC410. Details of the event can be found on the Artmu SNS channel and Naver Smart Store.

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