Artist’s family, Naim Issa: Suffers from cellular inflammation in the foot and impaired kidney function

said the artist’s daughter Naim Issa His father is currently hospitalized being treated as he suffers from cellulitis in his feet, low platelets and kidney failure, doctors have prescribed him antibiotics.

And regarding whether he might appear in dramas after Ramadan, his daughter said his health conditions prevent him from appearing in artwork after he suffered a foot stroke.

The artist’s daughter, Naim Issa, confirmed that the Union of Representative Professions, led by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, bears the costs of the treatment and that the Union follows up with them on a daily basis the latest developments in Naim Issa’s health.

The artist, Naim Issa had appeared in an interview with the media, Amr Al-Laithi, and said that he would be very happy when Egyptians repeat his words in the play ‘Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal’, which he says, “He has to come in.” He continued, “I’ve worked with the artist Adel Imam on artwork.” very”.

And the artist, Naim Issa, added, during one of the people’s programs, broadcast on the Al-Hayat channel: “Adel Imam consoled me and loved me, and I loved him until Yusef Daoud came to our silence, so he started to push me away a little and occupy Yusef Daoud, and Yusef Daoud continued, and I’m not angry with Adel Imam, but he got me I thought about him, so after the love between me and him, if he leaves he goes and goes to another actor, so that saddened me, but I didn’t blame him.

And the artist, Naim Issa, continued: “Adel Imam is a great hero, and he didn’t talk to me or ask about me when he was sick, and I didn’t ask about him when he was sick, but I tell him, our Lord, strengthen yourself and give health and well-being, and give yourself for us and for the whole world”.

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